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Excellent technical and quality control

The ceramics co., LTD, foshan city, brand new ceramic relying on scientific management, superb technology, quality win, the innovation of wisdom in advance, after 20 years of endeavor and carefully, the arduous struggle, born of the original ceramic tile production line, become ever has five large, fully automatic, modern ceramic tile production line. Period of ceramic homogeneity product market competition heats up in China, the new may be decisive, and quickly complete the adjustment of product structure and transform and upgrade the quality measures in advance, seize the happiness and harmonious development of China ", with scientific management, scientific and technological progress to promote enterprise independent innovation; Through the integration of informatization, industrialization, urbanization and internationalization, we will promote the transformation of traditional industries through high-tech, new thinking, standardization, standardization and humanization. Constantly adjust product structure, improve product quality at the same time, the lock and to catch up with the ", east peng, champions of Europe god nuo "premium brands such as ceramic enterprise culture, the goal of quality, make the enterprise obtain the broad space for development, implements the new cross again! Realize the gorgeous turn from follower to leader to leader.

To make a new ceramic, new look, the steady development of national industry stands in China ceramic country strong!



Core technology advantage

Xin Mei tile pedigree, Foshan city is the large tile enterprise zuiyo Ceramic Co., Ltd. brand, founded in 1997, nearly 20 years of manufacturing and production focus of polishing brick. With the China raging like a storm tile industry, Xin Mei using core technology in the field of polishing brick, developed a unique high-grade stone brick products, with high differentiated products, leading the second revolution of the ceramic tile industry, and gradually establish China polishing brick industry "new pattern of Eastern Europe" (Xin Mei, Eastroc, Ou Shennuo), to high quality products and service for innovation to contribute China stone brick.

Modern management

Advanced scientific management, relying on the wisdom of Xin Mei tiles, superb technology, quality first, innovation, focus on high-grade stone brick in 20 years, from the original two small polishing brick production line, developed into five super large, full automatic production line, stone and brick modernization. The synchronous positioning equipment device of ball mill and wide tile Xin Mei introduced the domestic and foreign advanced, large press and modular multi distribution system, long production of large size stone brick kiln temperature control donor mirror polishing line, sophisticated and high performance matching detection equipment, super bright antifouling core technology, hardware facilities in ceramic industry leading products. Sales throughout the country and Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

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