Brand introduction

New plum ceramic tile - new life, new space

Xinmei ceramics practice the spirit of craftsman, focus on the ceramic industry for more than 10 years, write the glory days of Chinese ceramics with the power of focus, and use the persistence of perseverance to open up the new peak of China's ceramic industry.

Xinmei ceramics, which was named China famous brand in 2013, is the brand of foshan ruiyang ceramics co., LTD., which focuses on the r&d and production of ceramics. As a new China built TaoHangYe blustery, may use in diamond, thick microcrystalline, marble, jade in the field of core technology advantages, came up with the development of high-grade products, with high differentiation product advantages, leading to build TaoHangYe second change, with high quality products and services for the Chinese to build TaoHangYe innovation contribution strength.

The new plum ceramics has an obvious cost - cost advantage over its similar products, and new mei always insists on the concept of design innovation and product technology. On product quality, new mei to new products, new ideas, high differentiation, cost-effective products advantage leadership for the ceramic industry, and in a standardized to ensure that the quality of every piece of brick, the outstanding effect of the shop is stuck with super durable performance perfect combination;

In the product technology, new may adopts the most advanced production technology in the country, the appearance of the product is lifelike, and the real natural stone texture is restored to create the most pure space experience for consumers.

Tripod award for best actor golden horse award winner, the gold, China - three champions league winner Mr James Chen, based on our new quality and taste, brand image, in the building materials industry choice, finally choose to make a new brand image.

New may insist on synchronous production and environmental protection, quality and management, to technical innovation product, with focus on perfect quality, a new ceramic always adhere to "people-oriented, customer first, priority to environmental protection and industry pioneer" for the brand core values, pass real natural lifestyle for consumers.

New MeiRongYu

A new ceramic successively passed the ISO9001, ISO2008 international quality management system certification, ISO4001, ISO2004 environmental management system certification, awarded the national 3 c compulsory certification, national green building materials products, China famous brand, etc.

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